About Spring House Spirits

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About Spring House Spirits

Springhouse Spirits gets its name from the springs on our farm where we mill, mash, ferment, distill and age our spirits.

It’s also a reference to the spirits of the people and animals that have been here over the centuries visiting the springs and springhouse on this farm. Springs have always been life sustaining and the springhouse was an essential first feature of any farm. We will tell a part of the story of our farm with the whiskey and bourbon that comes from it. Our logo captures the spirit of the fox that is sustained by all the little creatures he hunts in the small marsh that the springs create. In the winter he’s a regular feature of the marsh as he listens and pounces on moles and voles and mice under the snow. The fox is also featured in our first whiskey. Filmore was part of the third family to live on this farm. He spent his days farming and milking his cows. The distillery is in the milk house, that Filmore spent a great deal of time in, so we thought it fitting to honor him with our first whiskey. Through stories told by local fox hunters we learned that Filmore joined their hunt as they passed through the farm close behind the hounds. They enjoyed his company a good deal and he enjoyed sharing the flasks that a foxhunter must always carry.

The second owner of the farm was a doctor. For 33 years in the mid 1800’s Doc Windle looked after the people in the surrounding townships. He lived here through the civil war and was an admired surgeon and physician. The good doctor had a large drawer, in his office here, that opened from the outside. It was used to leave medicine for people that could be picked up when he was away, tending to others. A drive-up pharmacy of sorts in the 1860’s. Most physicians of his time carried distilled spirits for their disinfecting and calming properties. A doctors bag commonly contained a bottle or two, strictly for medicinal purposes of course. Anesthetics and disinfectants were just being developed and distilled spirits were effective and commonly used.

As we continue to tell the story of the spirits of those that visited these springs over time we’ll introduce each new distilled spirit and the story that goes with it here, in our story.

Located in the Heart of Chester County

25 Martin Rd, Coatesville, PA 19320


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