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Filmore Rides

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$30.00 (Sales tax is included)

Crafted with a 4 grain mash bill to bring you the smoothest tasting full bodied whiskey you have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Springhouse Spirits Whiskey has been aged in an oak barrel and further aged with toasted and charred white oak.  Our whiskey is mashed, distilled, aged and bottled right here, on our PA farm.

This whiskey was made to honor a former owner of our farm.  As the story goes Filmore’s wife was a teetotaler and did not approve of her husband imbibing.  When the local band of “The Famers” foxhunt came through the farm, Filmore would grab whatever horse was available and gallop off, joining the hunt and sharing their flasks.  He knew that no foxhunt was without a bit of whiskey and they were a generous sort.

Here’s to the memory of Filmore and long may he hunt.  Enjoy the Ride! (and the whiskey)

DON’T FORGET: If you live within 10 miles of Parkesburg, PA or you order 2 or more bottles, shipping is Fast & Free!


1 review for Filmore Rides

  1. Bill Klinger

    I have visited the distillery, and its as high quality as the whiskey they produce! Looking forward to the Bourbon!

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